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4 thoughts on “An Invitation to Share Memories

  1. Bingskee!! You wouldn’t happen to have photos of those memorable times, would you? If you do, please please share them — I promise to fully acknowledge all sources (or not if you’d rather I don’t … he he he)

  2. waaah! Memories!! I’ve only been in Nayong Pilipino once (when I was 6 years old). We have lots of pictures!!! I remember! waah! I hope I can get hold of a scanner. But then I am in all those pictures. Would you like pictures with me on them? lol.. I don’t think so. (masisira ang view)

    I remember the chocolate hills, the big Gorilla and the Badjao houses (I think) The bahay kubo on water?… did i remember it right?….

    And this one in your picture, we sang and run the songs in “Sound of Music” movie. Do you know that scene where the kids and Maria ran while singing? Oh, I love that part! I’ll ask my mom to look for those pics. lol

    Anyway, what’s goin’ to happen in Nayong Pilipino? We passed there like a month ago and I thought it’s still operational.. huhuhu…

  3. I have some pics here, but it doesn’t look like we were in Nayong Pilipino because we’re just on a tree. (just like an ordinary tree).. I’ll look for more pics, mommy! ^^

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