There are anti wrinkle creams, whitening creams, exfoliants, metathione, medicines meant for one thing and used for another because it just happens to have a side effect that is cosmetically useful. With all the vanity products available in the market these days, it is obvious that people are being made to think that looking old is bad, and that tight skin at age sixty and beyond is something to which all women should aspire.

What’s wrong with looking one’s age anyway? Is there really an advantage to looking young even if you’re not an actress dependent on your looks for your living? Have all these beauty products on the market today been made to cater to women’s vanity or have they been invented, as most consumer goods are, to create a need for this commodity in the aid of commerce first and foremost, and vanity a far second?

I’m just rambling, mind you. For someone who uses makeup only about once or twice a year and even then sparingly, all this preoccupation about prolonged beauty and youth just escapes me.

Refusing to grow old

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