Until a few months ago my bus ride to work was always punctuated by the signature guffaws of the tambalang balasubas at balahura, whom most bus commuters may know more popularly as CrisTuper and Nicole-hiyala of the famed Love Radio station. I was grateful to these two radio personalities. They kept me smiling through the long bus ride, which was enough to keep me going for the rest of the day.

Lately I noticed that air conditioned buses more often had TV’s and DVD players, the worse ones showing literally bloody horror flicks with gory amputation scenes. Not something to look forward to when you’re starting the day with project meetings with clients who can’t seem to decide what they want.

This morning was different though. The bus I rode had a TV, but a music CD was in the player instead. I spent most of the hour’s ride to work listening to the undying hits of April Boy Regino. It was a singular experience, and I listened to some of the songs that were jukebox hits and some that weren’t but to me the less popular ones actually sounded better than the hits.

And then I thought, this is how it must be like back when life was simple. You sang about love and life and friendship, the occasional heartache and getting back together again. You didn’t worry about your family because they were all in one place, you didn’t worry about your job because it was just outside your house, in your field or garden, you didn’t worry about good clothes because all you needed was one you could wear to church, and you didn’t have to worry about not ever having the time to go out with the guys because they were there, at the town store, drinking bahal and waiting for you to join them.

I wish I could have that life back.

Can it be that it was all so simple then

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