Watching the Game

My husband and I stayed up to watch the UEFA Cup Finals game between Barcelona FC and Manchester United.

It’s a good thing my boss updated me on the actual game schedule. I was thinking the game would start at 1am, but he corrected me and said it was going to be around 2:45am, on ESPN. The thing would be to have an early dinner, then off to bed with the alarm set to 2am. Plenty of time to shake the sleep off, open a beer and a bag of chips and position our butts in front of the tube.

Barca won, with splendid goals from Samuel Eto’o and Lionel Messi. VISCA el BARCA!!!

I’m going to catch up on my sleep now, and I don’t mind not having a sleep number bed. I’m just going to shut the blinds, turn the fan on high and zzz …

Staying up late

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