Birds in the trees

There’s hardly any tillable soil where we live. There used to be, back when I was a little girl. But years of having been rented out has not been very good for this house. The entire area outside the house has been paved with concrete. Whatever plants we have are in makeshift pots and some of the trees have insinuated themselves in the cracks that they could find in the walls. This particular neem tree is planted in an old vegetable lard pail. The roots have overgrown this poor excuse of a pot, which has now burst. We have nowhere to transplant the tree.

But it has grown big enough to give enough shade for our little girl and these two little creatures you see in the photo above.


Birds in the trees

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3 thoughts on “Birds in the trees

  1. @ jeniffer, thanks, alam mo lagi nalang namin nakokompare ang buhay dito sa manila vs. buhay sa probinsya — dun magtapon ka lang ng buto ng kahit sa labas ng bintana tutubo na yun. dito kung ano ano nalang mga lumang lalagyan ginagamit namin para lang magkaron ng tanim sa paligid ng bahay.

    @bingskee, i remember the birds reactions in the days after Typhoon Milenyo — they were all sitting on the gutter on the roof looking forlornly at where the alatires used to be.

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