Bloggers Review It’s no secret that I do sponsored posts on this blog. Internet marketing is fascinating and rewarding at the same time, both as a publisher and as an advertiser as well. The worldwide community of blogging has opened an new arena for product marketing and positioning, and at the same time it has provided legitimate bloggers with the opportunity to earn a little on the side.

How do paid blogging services like Bloggers Review work? Bloggers Review works with advertisers who buy text links on blogs that are relevant to their product and market. Blogs that have been signed up with Bloggers Review are then evaluated for appropriate placement of these text links. Other advertisers prefer blog ads which are banners that are displayed in the relevant blogs and are linked to landing pages on the advertisers websites.

There have been discussions far and wide about how effective blog advertising really is. On the other hand, words have been said about bloggers who do paid blogging as opposed to those who have remained ad-free. As a blogger who has been doing paid posts for almost a year now I have learned that one can blog at will and still be paid for it without loss of credibility. I am also thankful that sites such as exist so that bloggers like me can make the most of our blogs, creatively and financially.

Bloggers Review

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