A day before resuming a ceasefire with government troops, communist rebels allegedly attacked a cell site of Globe Telecoms in Masbate province Tuesday, a radio report said Thursday.

Radio dzBB reported that suspected New People’s Army (NPA) rebels fired at the cell site in Bagacay village in Mobo town in Masbate province Tuesday.

However, security guards at the facility fired back at the attackers, who fled to various directions.

This was the news that came out very early in January, which really wasn’t surprising as the cell towers of this particular provider was not at all popular with the suspected left. More surprising was the downtime experienced last year, late in November, which caused the entire cellular phone system in Masbate and nearby provinces to go down.

The culprit? A security guard taking practice shots at a bird in the vicinity, hit a cable on the cell tower by mistake.

The bird was unharmed.

Good aim

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