One of the vital requirements in building safety is the proper placement of exit signs on all points of egress.

This is most important in times when an evacuation of the building is called for. Strategically placed exit signs are necessary so that even the visually impaired can see it, and that it should be visible even through smoke or dust, and even in the middle of a power failure.

The exit signs provided by Greentorch certainly fit the bill. They offer various types of self luminous exit signs that need no external power or batteries and stay lit for up to 20 years depending on the model. Another Greentorch product is the photoluminescent exit sign which also eliminates the need for external power, utilizing ambient lighting to charge and illuminate without dependence on electrical backup during an emergency.

Greentorch also carries Braille exit signs with raised tactile lettering, and Grade 2 Braille for superior readability.

Guaranteed easy and hassle-free installation is a given for each Greentorch exit sign. Most of their products come with either an adhesive wall mount or with brackets included. Product longevity is also synonymous with Greentorch exit signs, with warranties for up to 5 years. Greentorch also provides egress systems solutions as well as stair nosing with photoluminescent inserts.

With such a wide array of products available for online purchase, with supplies coming out of 5 strategically located warehouses across the United States, Greentorch exit signs are a must for every building that can boast compliance with the strictest safety standards.

Exit signs from Greentorch

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