Any normal computer user who has File Extension enabled on their Windows based computers may be curious as to what those three letters that come after the dot [.] mean, and what significance these letters have in their lives. While we are familiar with the usual .doc .xls and .jpg files there are new fangled file extensions that are now even more than three letters, like File Extension TORRENT. What are these file extensions all about?

Computer File Extensions, at can help you sort out even the most curious of file name extensions. It not only tells you what the extensions mean, it also helps you locate the correct program to open the file in. But its first aim is to help you figure out if the file you have on your computer is harmful or otherwise, to your system. A quick visit to their website and you will see the usefulness of the services they offer.

So if you want to satisfy your curiosity about all these newfangled filenames such as docx and File Extension mdi, head on down to Computer File extensions and start exploring their site. There’s always something new to learn, and it’s quite useful for trivia purposes, when your co-workers start wondering what those letters after the dot mean. You’ll have the answer!

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