Free Blog Hosting is something that Sam and i are looking into these days, especially one that can host a domain. I once made the rounds of free WordPress hosting services, but more than half of them aren’t around anymore. Of course and are still around, both in their own way relatively ad-free and customizable to a point.

Since I am also into sponsored posts it is important that I can find free blog hosting that will allow me to do so, and one that my sponsors will allow me to use. The days when my earnings from the net used to pay for my blog’s hosting are at an end, and finding a good free site that can be as flexible and customizable will be a boon.

I have shifted our photoblog Gallery on Gaerlan St. to free hosting, but I found that it imposes limitations on the kind of code that I can put into text widgets and that no javascript was allowed anywhere on the site. This posed problems for me since I am an Entrecard member and have had to give up Gaerlan St.’s Entrecard after the move. This was doubly frustrating since I had opted for their $10 a year hosting service without verifying the fact that I can use Javascript.

I am hoping to find a less limiting host soon.

*Note: This is a sponsored post.

Free blog hosting

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