I got my Sony Ericsson P9109i from my then-coworker Ejay in the last quarter of 2005. He had just bought the phone himself, hardly two months old, but he had found a cellphone that he liked better. Perhaps if Ejay had not wanted to give it up I would not have bought the P910i, but we were at the point of our careers when we needed a phone that was also a PDA, and this was an opportunity for me to buy it for a lot less money than I would have shelled out at a mall.

I lost that same cellphone last Friday, December 11 2009, after four years of constant use. It was stolen from my backpack as I was walking across the Estrella pedestrian overpass. I was an easy mark for the zipper gang, I suppose, regularly walking that route at least 5 days a week.

The phone has seen better days. I had already removed the flip because it was broken, and was using the onscreen keyboard and virtual flip for text entry. There was even a time when the jog dial didn’t work anymore, but I found a shop that could repair it, of all places, in Masbate. I had vowed till death do us part with this phone, and I guess this loss was its death.

But not quite. The thief, whoever he is, is still using the SIM card. The number is 0921 9866 989. I can’t recover it because I no longer have the card backing, having had that number for the past 2 years or so. Feel free to send it any junk text that you can think of. 🙂

Goodbye P910i

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