Nothing beats DirectSatTV in the morning, with ham, eggs, toast and hot coffee while you’re watching the latest news on the BBC. I had two weeks of this luxury while at the FRC Mess Hall in Masbate. This was my precious half hour in the morning before lugging my stuff all over the island during the CSR Tutorial sessions late last year.

But this was during a working day. On weekends SatTV meant watching a really cheesy movie over lunch, like Chuck Norris’s Braddock series most of which were shot in the Philippines. If I came in early enough at night I would catch the CNN broadcast and then switch to a movie on HBO while eating a lazy dinner.

But then not everything ends there. I could go back to my assigned staff house and switch on DirectSatTV when everyone else is asleep (usually after 10pm) and work the remote till I find something good, which really isn’t difficult when you’re watching TV alone. If I find some really old movie from 10 or 20 years ago I’d usually stick to it, like the time the Mighty Ducks marathon was on. Or even The Karate Kid 2. Ever seen The Next Karate Kid? That had Hillary Swank in it, long before she learned how to box or hold a gun.

HDTV for breakfast

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