The 14th Station

No I did not hie off for the past five days, thus forgetting everything, including this blog while I soaked my feet in the warm sea and made my butt imprint on the sand on some white-sand beach that I cannot afford to visit, even in my dreams.

Nope, I spent the entire holidays at home, except for a couple of forays within the city, ParaƱaque City, in fact. I followed the stations of the cross at the Nayong Pilipino, not because I had a panata for the via crucis but more of a panata to visit the Nayon for any reason I could find, to visit it while it’s still there, what with PAGCOR and the Airport Authority licking their lips in lust after the remaining 30 or so hectares of what used to be our playground.

Tomorrow the real world takes over, and my butt will leave the imaginary sand and plop itself on my leather swivel chair with the comfortable arm rests, and again my eyes will strain across the dual monitors, now at the same resolution, thank goodness. There will be air conditioning. There will be free coffee and unlimited cold water. There will be work, if my clients have come back from their holidays as well.

I will miss the kitchen.

Holidays are over

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