I really don’t understand why some people would be embarrassed to be seen driving a minivan. I suppose male members of the single set might be, for fear of being mistaken for a family man. I can also see the disadvantage of a larger vehicle when it comes to the battle of the last available parking space. But personally, in the fight between Honda Accord vs. Honda Odyssey, I’d go for the minivan anytime.

The commuter in me is sick and tired of rented vehicles that my family and I have had to squeeze in just to get somewhere. The last time we went up to Baguio was in a pickup with four grownups and a baby squeezed into the back seat. Compare that to the time when we went up to San Juan, La Union in the spacious comfort of a Starex and you’ll understand what I mean.

I suppose the sportiness of a sedan holds more favor over the utilitarian design and purpose of a minivan such as the honda odyssey. Even an SUV may sway the prospective vehicle buyer’s decision.

But I have a young family who appreciates the spaciousness of a minivan as opposed to the form and sheen of a sedan or an SUV. And for long haul trips, a minivan’s advantages are magnified. Sport utility vehicles and minivans have comparable passenger and cargo space, but the roomy interiors of a minivan can be a delight to young kids. Unlike SUVs, minivans also have a low step-in height, so they’re easier for kids to climb into. Minivans’ large picture windows afford young passengers a better view of the passing scenery, therefore keeping impatient young ones amused for a good part of the ride.

Give me a minivan anytime

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