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I’m not sure if SM Baguio have Honeywell Barcode Scanner devices installed in their check out counters. But one thing I may be forced to get is the BDO cash card for Maui to use when he is in Baguio. Much as I hate BDO and would not like to give them any business, necessity dictates that I get the most convenient cash card available to us. If I understood the Banco de Oro customer service agents I spoke to, I can deposit any amount of cash on the card and Maui can use the card at a BDO ATM or swipe it at the check out counters at the SM supermarket. However, it takes more than a week to be processed after I apply for one, so I was told.

Unbelievable. Other banks can provide me with an ATM card on the same day that I opened an account. I have till the end of the week to decide on this. Until I’ve decided on one, Maui will have to rely on cold hard cash.

Plastic money

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  1. Every time I need a card I always have to wait a week or more. They usually have to activate it and send it to me in the mail, then I can put money on it. Hopefully it won’t be too big a hassle for you. Regards!

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