Palms on Palm SundayI went out to the talipapa early this Palm Sunday morning to buy pandesal and eggs. Along the way I passed bent old woman walking, with a coconut palm in one hand and a stalk of wilted pechay in the other. 

I’m willing to bet the palm cost more than the pechay.

A woman on the street interviewed on the news today said something to the effect that Pinoys, when it comes to God, will spend as much as they can on offerings. I’m not sure whether this applies to people who barely have enough to spend on food. 

(photo from the Inquirer Online)

Hosanna hey

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2 thoughts on “Hosanna hey

  1. haven’t been to church lately… thinking about how people can be so superficial at times like these and fail to practice their faith. anyway, i believe what is important is one have to spiritual and recognize that there is a God who loves us.

    bing´s last blog post: Eavesdropping (Not) About Sex

  2. Like Bing, I haven’t been to church lately too. Although it is important for people to live their faith, they ought to be cognizant of the fact that there are many ways to express that faith without resorting to spending money that could adversely impact their ability to survive.

    Panaderos´s last blog post: Random Thoughts on a Sunday

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