At the end of week one without Ate Bebing we seem to be doing better than usual. The last time she went on her annual vacation, Maia went on a semi-hunger strike and ate nothing but orange juice and chocolate wafers. We also both got stomach flu. This time Ate Bebing will be gone for an entire month, having foregone her two-week Christmas break to have a longer one this summer.

I suppose it’s better now because Maia’s older. Being the only child in a house full of adults can’t be easy, but she’s doing rather well these days. What I’d like to find out is if Maia can do without her best friend for an extended period, say for the time it takes to go on one of those Orlando vacations (as if I could afford one), and be the well-behaved big girl her mom would like her to be.

Long weekends staying home

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