Just recently I blogged about joining PhotoWorldCup 2008 on Ning.com. One of the rules on PWC is to upload just one photo a day per member. This saves space and bandwidth on the server, as opposed to members being able to upload an unlimited number of photos in one day — uploading just one forces a user to choose his best photo for the day.

I received a comment on the first photo I uploaded, the one I call A walk in the clouds, reproduced here in smaller resolution.

A walk in the clouds

Bryan Lee had commented: “simple yet it tells a lot of stories…hmmm, what would be the ending?”

And I realized that is the purpose of taking pictures. To look for the story and to tell it at the same time. And to succeed in doing so will be worth a thousand words.

Looking for the Kwento

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3 thoughts on “Looking for the Kwento

  1. Hello again fedhz, I think I’ll make that my own photography motto “Look for the Kwento”. It gives this hobby a sort of purpose, don’t you think? 🙂

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