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Valentines Day has always been extra special since 2004. That’s when our little girl Maia was born. It wasn’t all that romantic when you learn what the circumstances were at the time. We were at our OB-Gyne’s clinic, and after examining me Dr. Liza Santos said I could either give birth on Friday the 13th or on Kris Aquino’s birthday. It was really difficult to decide which was the lesser evil.

The year 2009 has exactly the same dates in February as there were in 2005. Yesterday was Friday the 13th, but apparently it was a lucky Friday for the entire family.

Early in the morning it didn’t seem so. My constant checking of the UPCAT results online kept returning a server failure, which was starting to freak me out because Maui’s results were due on Monday. I was also feeling extra depressed because again when I thought I had enough money in my hands, that elusive Nikon D60 still was a couple of thousand pesos out of reach.

Then I dropped by to look at the current D60 offerings there, when I found one very recent post: a two-month old Nikon D60 with kit lens, UV filter, tripod and bag for 24K. The same package will cost me almost 30K at the store I had been planning to go to. The seller still had the receipt from his purchase, and had posted sample pics from the camera. I looked at the actuations for each pic on Opanda and realized it was a very new camera, with less than 2000 total shutter releases. shooterThroughout the day I kept a constant watch on that page, exchanged text messages with the seller until we came to an agreement at 22K, without the UV filter, tripod and bag. After I got off work, Sam and I made a rendezvous with the seller, who happened to be a personable young man named Marlon. The Nikon D60 he had up for sale was in pristine condition, with all the bubble wrap and plastic wrapping intact, CD’s and software unopened. And that’s how I got my shiny (almost) new camera.

It was late at night when we got home from QC but even if my eyes were really tired, I couldn’t go to sleep. I was too excited about my new camera and all the pictures I had planned to take the next day. We had planned a really small merienda for Maia’s friends around the neighborhood. I was still half asleep when I heard Maui shouting for me to come to his room. Like a zombie I walked to where he stood pointing at his monitor. I wasn’t wearing my glasses so I had to go back to our room to get them, and after a few disoriented blinks, I saw what he was all excited about:


I must have jumped up and down a few times and hugged Maui a few more times than that before Sam and Maia came up to find out what all the hubbub was about. When we showed him the UPCAT results page he was surprised because Maui’s first choice was Diliman, but Baguio may actually be more desirable in terms of environment, and better for this small town boy to be in than the Diliman Republic. cortes-upbaguio

The rest of the day was busy and happy and for the first time in a very long time the house was filled with kids playing and eating and having fun. Of course I took pictures of everything. My blogging friend Ralph even came to wish Maia a happy birthday, and he brought me movies and stories and pointed out wondrous things on YouTube that I had never seen before.

Now that the birthday girl and soon to be UP student are asleep, and I’ve uploaded most of the pictures I took today on to my Picasa account, with Sam nursing what seems to be an oncoming cold but happy nevertheless that he starts working again on Monday and me blogging all this … after the run of small misfortunes that seemed to have hounded me these past few months, this past week has brought nothing but good news. We are blessed and for this we are thankful.

p.s. Here’s the birthday girl as umbrella model, as rendered by the Nikon D60

Maia Turns 5, and other wonders of the week

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3 thoughts on “Maia Turns 5, and other wonders of the week

  1. Hello Tin! ay ang cute naman ng avatar, parang porcelain doll ang amelie! tenkyu tenkyu for all the good wishes … and the plans!

    Rina dearest! thank you thank you I can’t believe that such blessings were going to come our way, all I had to do was be patient and slug it out best we could. Si Ralph daw mamimigay ng headband na me plawer sa next bday ni Maia … diba Tito Ralph?

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