Thanks to my Aunt, the one who lives in Seattle, I was able to replace the mattresses that were soaked and rendered useless by Typhoon Ondoy. The best place to get mattresses was Uratex, at any of their factory outlets in Metro Manila. The closest one to our place is the one in Muntinlupa, on the East Service Road of the South Super Highway.

Their showroom is quite straightforward, all the products are on display with prices clearly shown for each. And the factory prices are discounted compared to mall prices, up to 20% off on most items. Not only do they have foam mattresses, they also have ergonomic pillows, decorative throw pillows and other household decorations and utility items.

The BEST part about buying at the Uratex factory outlet is the free bottle of softdrinks that they provide each customer (and the customers companions) while he/she is sitting at the check out area waiting to pay for what they bought. It’s a nice simple touch, but it made me smile when I realized it was free.

Plus One to Uratex

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