For some reason, Maia woke up very quietly this morning. And for a time she would not talk to anyone, nor give in to any treat we proposed. She just lay on the sofa with a sour face, and when I asked her if there was anything she wanted she just shook her head. She didn’t want breakfast, she didn’t want milk, no water with ice, not even the computer.

Then I asked her if she was missing Ate Bebing, who she always referred to as her best friend. She nodded, and almost started crying, but then I told her that we were going out in a while to get Ate Bebing’s ticket so she can come back to us. That made my little girl smile. Actually I had really planned to get the ticket today, it was just a good thing it cheered Maia up as well.

So off we went to the 2GO outlet at SM Sucat, where a ticket from Iligan to Manila cost a little under P2,000 including travel insurance. Not bad, I thought, since the ticket going to Iligan cost a little over 2K. This is the longest time Ate Bebing’s been on holiday, but I am glad to report we suffered no ill effects like the other year when she went home for a couple of weeks on Christmas. No hunger strikes this time, and no stomach flu.

Maia and I must be getting older and more mature 🙂

Missing her best friend

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