I had no idea what MMO meant until I asked my eldest son about it. MMO means “massively multiplayer online game” otherwise known as MMOG. I never had a taste for MMO because I always thought they could be an expensive past time. I restrained myself to playing Battle Realms on the PC, and the most I ever did was play it on a network with my brothers-in-law.

World of Warcraft

But recently I have heard that there are wow accounts for sale, World of Warcraft online gaming accounts. I asked my son about it and he said that it’s because some people eventually get bored with their characters and so they put them up for sale. Hopefully there’s someone out there who’ll buy it because he either has unlimited time to play or is not that good at the game as of yet. There are other players who don’t want level up their own characters. The people who get bored and just sold their accounts in turn look around for other, more interesting wow accounts for sale.

The ‘items’ the character is currently equipped with make a big impact on the price, the more ‘godlike’ your equipment is, the more expensive the account can get. most items are specific to the class who can use them.

What an interesting commodity!

*Note: This is a sponsored post.

MMO Accounts for the taking

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