Tried my hand at portraiture last Saturday. At first I really wasn’t sure if this was my cup of tea, because I’d really rather take pictures of people I know when it comes to portraits. I guess I was in for a surprise.

I like photowalks mostly because of the all the walking I get to do. Since diet supplements are out of the question for me, all that I can do to keep more or less fit is to walk. For a commuter like me walking has given me a new set of eyes, and I am able to see things much differently than the times when all I am concerned with is getting from point a to point b.

Saturday was a different story: we went for a photowalk AND had models to shoot as well. Donna, Edz and Gugle were starting out and needed to build their portfolio. The D60KREW were all newbies and needed to learn how to shoot portraits and models outdoors. It was a healthy exchange deal, courtesy of our leader Andy Rodriguez.




More of my output from the shoot here.

Model Shoot

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3 thoughts on “Model Shoot

  1. Hi!
    Its not easy to take potrait close up like this.
    BTW why the 1st two picture the model looking at their right?
    Is that your trademark?

  2. Hi bing, ibang level yes, but even after this shoot i don’t think taking photos of strangers who pose for me is my kind of thing. I took a quick portrait of one of my krew-mates during this shoot and it turned out better than these three.

    @ lunaticg – re: not easy, yep, i agree. not sure what you mean about my trademark, but there were 10 of us during the shoot, all shooting at the same time. I took my shots when I could, whether or not the model was looking straight at me.

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