I don’t think I’ll ever find the best weight loss pill, one that will not make me cranky the whole day, one that will glide down my throat and sit in my stomach nicely doing stuff that it should and hopefully make me fit again into the jeans I bought two years ago.

I’ve started on oatmeal again. And moving. Yes, moving. That was something I stopped doing in mid-2006, when I got transfered back into Web Services. When I was in Tech I would go out on client calls at least 3, maybe 5 times in a week, and that took care of my aerobic exercise, not just the walking but all the talking I did with the clients.

This long holiday has not been good to me. Heck, this long holiday I had not been good to me. I think my rice intake tripled during that period. So did the flab around my waistline. Or what used to be my waistline.

Gotta getit out. Wish me luck.

Never say die(t)

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