Also known as “The saga of an UPCAT Pending Case”

Update: January 27

Spurred on by Shane Hermogenes‘s post I called UP Admissions last Monday, Jan 26, and was told that we needed to submit a Certified True Copy of Maui’s Transcript of Records from his current school Olivarez College. I seem to recall that the online version of the UPCAT admission form did not have matching subject titles for what they have in Olivarez based on Maui’s latest report card, so I guess that must the issue.

No problem, I told UP admissions, we’ll try to get it as soon as we can. I then called Olivarez College Registar’s Office regarding the request for a transcript. I was told that they only issued Form 137 if the other school requested it. Well they are requesting it, I said, the University of the Philippines is requesting it.

Ay hindi po mam, dapat ang UP po ang mag request sa amin.

I was getting riled up by this red tape so I said, “My son passed the UPCAT, that’s the UP College Admissions Test, but he will not be given a student number if we don’t give them the transcript. This is UP. Can you help my son out here?”

Ay sige po mam, mag submit nalang kayo ng request, ipa-process nalang po namin.

That’s better, I said. How much will it cost?

One hundred pesos po mam.

So I went there this morning to file the request. When I asked the Registrar how long it will be before I can get the Transcript he said:

Three weeks po.

I looked at him to see if he was kidding. Apparently he was not.

Three weeks? No. Unacceptable. I have to have it today, or at least no later than Friday morning this week. My son passed the UPCAT. Do you know what that means? That’s the University of the Philippines College Admissions Test. At least 10 other students from here took the exam, my son is the only one who passed, as far as we know. Shouldn’t that be an honor for you? UP has very limited slots, my son could get dropped from the list if you don’t issue the transcript in time. Can’t you help him out here?

The registrar looked at me as if he was trying to comprehend what I had just said. He then went back to his table and returned with a request form for me to fill out. “Mam, punta nalang kayo sa Accounting office para bayaran ito.”

How long before it will be ready?

Balik po kayo sa Friday.

That’s better, I said, but I was thinking “lintek pwede naman palang three days, bakit ako sasabihan ng three weeks?”

With form in hand I crossed over to the Accounting office. I slid the completed form through the glass window, and the girl at the counter searched for my son’s records on her computer.

Ay mam, me balance pa po pala siya, hindi po kami pwedeng mag issue ng Form 137 kung may balance pa.

What are you talking about, I said. My son is still here, he’s not going anywhere till he graduates and you’re not going to let him graduate unless I pay, so you can be sure I will pay. Is there anyone here I should talk to?

The cashier then turned to one of the tables in the back and summarizes my request. When I saw heads shaking, I went into my “my son passed the UPCAT” speech. When it was determined that my son was currently a student and not someone who had left the school with bills pending, my request was approved. So back I went to the registrar’s office, who issued me a claim stub dated Friday, Jan 30.

Good enough, if we can get it in the morning we could do a quick run to Diliman and submit it before the Feb 2 published date that inquiries should be made.

What I don’t understand is Olivarez College’s hesitance to help one of their prized students. Maui has been bringing in honors for Olivarez College ever since first year High School. Just in last year’s PSAP he brought in 3 gold medals, not to mention the other prizes from the previous years. I was not asking for any special consideration, but as far as I know requests for TOR took only three days, not THREE WEEKS.

If the Olivarez College registrar was kidding, it was a really bad joke.

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  1. Sis Mari, he wants European Languages. Not as a stepping stone to a quota course, but he really wants that.

    Tin, it’s actually an Olivarez Ordeal — had to go through the same hassle (I was going to say B.S. but decided not to) when we had to get his admission papers signed by the principal and the registrar. Sana walang maging UP hassles (fingers crossed).

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