heel, boy.

KFC have chained up their gravy pitchers, apparently to discourage unscrupulous characters from making off with them when no one is looking. I would think they did that to discourage gravy addicts from pouring the whole pitcher’s contents onto their chicken and rice meals.

Anyway I was at KFC again yesterday just to take a picture of this popular product they call Meltz, which when I bought for the first time last week turned out to be a complete disappointment. It was nothing at all like the picture on the posters. The first Meltz I bought was a sorry excuse for a meal, and definitely not worth the 80+ pesos it cost. This time though, the product that was served to me was a lot better than the previous one. Although still not the exact same delectable calzone-like meal as the posters aver, it was filling enough for a snack.

KFC's Meltz

On a tight leash

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