More and more often these days I find myself wondering if online math help would have been much different a decade and a half ago, if Internet at home had been available to me and my young family. Math help would have been a boon with my sons growing up and in school.  I was a young and unemployed full time mom at the time, and could have appreciated all the assistance that an online math tutor could provide. Ever since I started to be on the Internet on a regular basis I found that it was the best, if not only at times, source of information for me, especially in times that I needed free online math help.

My daughter and youngest child Maia, now five years old, learned to read on the internet. It was on a site called which I now recommend to all of my friends with pre-school kids who have access to the internet at home. She learned not only to read, but to count and to do simple addition through its online math tutoring section. The only disadvantage to online tutoring is that my daughter did not learn to write by hand, actually holding a pencil to paper, because she had become accustomed to typing her letters and numbers out on a keyboard.

But that’s been remedied by going to kindergarten school, starting June of this year. Now her handwriting is quite legible, and coupled with reading on her books and on the internet I believe she has taken in far more information than her classmates who are less exposed to the internet. Of course, internet learning should not completely replace parent- or teacher-supervised learning. Human interaction, after all, is probably the best teaching tool a young person can have.

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