… and some unexpected events.

D60KREW at Harbor Square

The D60KREW went to Paco Park this Saturday to shoot, and after that we went on a leisurely stroll down Harbor Square beside the CCP. While we were taking in the sights and shooting at Harbor Square, an old gentleman approached me, telling me he had seen us before.

“You’re the group I saw on TV,” he said, “the crew …”

The D60Krew, I said, and introduced myself. He said, “I’m John Chua.”

The name caught me off guard for a second, because I couldn’t believe I was now shaking hands with John Chua THE Photographer.

I was humbled and star-struck at the same time. That a man like John Chua would approach a newbie like me and even later on get to share his ideas with the group, and that he would take the time to talk to us is humbling.

He said that he was hanging out while waiting for his wife, who when she arrived was also so gracious and even posed gamely for a group picture. When she introduced herself as Harvey, that was the double whammy.

I had only heard about and read the words of Mrs. Harvey Chua on digitalphotographer.com.ph and here she was now, in person and smiling so graciously.

Mr.  John and Mrs. Harvey Chua gave us a lot of encouragement and ideas on how we can take the group to the next level. The suggestions were challenges as well, and it was up to the D60KREW to meet them.

Paco Park Photowalk

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