I wonder if Paris Hilton gives her pig pet supplements. But the People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is more concerned about how some celebrities like Hilton are treating animals as part of their wardrobe accessories.

Paris Hilton is a huge animal lover and is often seen with one of her many many many dogs. But her latest purchase has got PETA up in arms.

Last week Paris announced that she’s going to add a little piggy named Princess Pigelette to her growing collection of pets. Royal Dandie miniature pigs has supplied Paris with a four to five-week-old adorable new miniature pig for $4,500.

Princess Pigelette is on its way to the US as we speak and Paris couldn’t be more thrilled about it. And PETA couldn’t be more pissed.

“So excited for my new piglette to come home to me,” Paris tweeted. “I just picked out the cutest piggy from Patty at Royaldandie.com.”

But PETA is accusing Paris of setting a “wretched example” by treating animals like they’re “as disposable as her friends and fianc├ęs.”

I have always wondered about how the mind of one like Paris Hilton worked. Is this the result of just having far too much money at ones disposal, without having had to work for it?

What do YOU think?

Paris and the pig

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