The Orange Tree Coffee Shop

Exactly a week ago I promised myself to take at least one good picture a day. I needed practice, for sure, after all that I had learned and am still learning about photography. These days I’m always on the lookout for opportunities to shoot, where I see light and shadows and color, which is of course everywhere. Having a camera and knowing how to use it gave me a whole new way of seeing things, and I wanted to make the most of that by coming up with at least one good photo a day.

Sometimes it’s quite easy to spot a good shot. Sometimes I need to do something extra. Sometimes it just lands on my lap just begging for me to take it. I’ve been lucky, I guess.

The Orange Tree Coffee Shop

Today’s photo was taken inside the Orange Tree Coffee Shop, a small nook that I found, quite by chance, on my way back to the office from an early afternoon meeting. They have very good chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and fantastic brewed coffee. They’re at the back of the row of middle eastern restaurants at the corner of NS Amoranto and E. Rodriguez, in Quezon City.

If you like you can go through the Photo of the Day album I have on Facebook, and most of those photos are also in my Flickr account.

Photo of the Day

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