Was in the QC area again today, in the Retiro area where an old aunt lives, and where we used to be every Sunday when I was a little girl. The Lourdes Church was where we went to hear mass decades ago. My aunt and I would head out from the house in Cabatuan just off A. Bonifacio, pick up her sisters who lived in an apartment on A. Bonifacio, drive up Mayon St and then turn left on Retiro. My aunt would park her Ford Taunus on one of the side streets a block away from the Lourdes Church and then we’d hear mass. This was usually followed by a trip for groceries at Century Grocery (now the Metrobank at the corner of Mayon and Retiro).

Sam and I stood at the intersection of Mayon and Retiro around noon this Friday. The area looked different to him as well. After we saw my aunt we walked up Retiro (now N.S. Amoranto) towards Banaue. What used to be a quiet, even sleepy district was now a bustling area with banks and mini-malls at every corner. When we reached the corner of Banaue where the jeepney terminal was, we got on a jeep going up to Quezon Ave. The final destination?

Ma Mon Luk, Quezon Avenue. This place is a classier version (and the only other branch) of the restaurant in Quiapo but the food is the same yummy and very filling walang kamatayang mami and siopao. The pictures here are from my camera phone hence the poor quality. We had the special and regular siopao and the small mami and softdrinks and the final bill was a teeny bit over P300 (under US$6.00). Now that’s a good meal.

Places in my past (Part 2)

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  1. ai nakita ko na yang kainan na yan, nadaan na me jan.. medyo old fashion nga yng dating pero di ko pa natry kumain. nadaan lang kasi talaga.. masarap pala pagkain jan.. kala ko lam muna.. chinese food kasi. wala me gaano tiwala..

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