You hold a job summit.

Or at least that’s what Malacañang thinks it should do. While thousands of Filipinos have lost their jobs in the past year, and with Intel shutting down its factory in Cavite adding to that number, GMA thinks that a job summit will help alleviate matters.

Well I’ve got news for you, GMA, a job summit won’t help absorb all these jobless workers back into the workforce. Jobs will. The thing is, we’ve been training our workforce to engage in jobs that our country does not have, sending our workers out like slaves to other economies. And when those economies go down, so do we.

But heck, I’m not an economist. I’m just one of those ordinary blokes who once went on a sales job search and got lucky. Apparently we’ve no choice but to leave it to the economist up in Malacañang. Apparently she got lucky too. I’m just waiting for her luck to run out. Hope it’s soon.

What do you do when there are massive layoffs?

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