No this is not a rant about parents for one reason or another 🙂

It’s how I felt last May 5, 2009, when Maui and I went to UP Baguio for his enrollment. We were talking leisurely as we trudged through the covered walk only to be met by this sign: “Only incoming freshmen are allowed beyond this point.” And another sign below that: “Parents waiting area here.”

And so I waited, almost uselessly for almost two hours before I saw my son again, because he needed the money, preferably the exact amount, for the cashier after his assessment. And then he disappeared again, returning after another hour with receipts and his class schedule.

In two more weeks we’ll be filling up the Samsonite luggage I’ll be buying second hand from my co-worker Abi with Maui’s stuff and sending him off, for the duration of the semester, at least, to the City of Pines.

I’m trying to be brave.

Maui is the one in the brown coat.

Useless parent

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4 thoughts on “Useless parent

  1. haha, relax and get used to it. independence and self-accountability is one thing he will definitely learn at UP at the very least! 🙂

  2. Hi Ms Vicky!

    So Maui will be attending UP Baguio pala. I hope he enjoys his stay there. 🙂 Good luck to him. Where will he be staying btw?

  3. aye, be brave proud mom.

    when kids enroll for college, university administrators prefer to see them doing it on their own, without parents on their side. i learned of this from our college secretary in mindanao. the intent is not to make you useless but to encourage your student to be proactive.

    jr3´s last blog post: a gift named prayer

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