For my family, the month of March—especially this year—is the season for gift-giving, more so than Christmas. In March we celebrate Athelstan Emil’s birthday (he turned 26 last Monday), Sam’s birthday (yesterday, greetings galore on Facebook), various other birthdays of numerous relatives on either side, and this year Maui graduates from high school at the end of the month.

But when you’re a harried working mom there’s hardly any time to shop for gifts that you’re certain will elicit the ooohs and ahhhs of the recipient. More often than not I’m just tempted to ask them what they want and get that. Sort of takes the fun out of shopping, doesn’t it?

It would be good if there were a guide somewhere that could suggest the best gifts for boys, the most appropriate presents for men who are at a certain point in their lives, what to give your mom, your brand-conscious sister, your finicky brother and the best gift for your discerning co-worker.

Even better is if you could window-shop online and let your mouse do the walking, and while doing so get the best suggestions for furnishing a freshman student’s flat. That is one thing I cannot wait to do this year, as my high school graduate morphs into a college student in Baguio in June.

Guides for the hassled

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