It was weird really, I woke up feeling OK but I did feel a bit woozy last night getting off work that I asked a co-worker if I could hitch a ride. Went to sleep almost immediately after I got home, got up when Cris got home and then went back to sleep again. This morning in the middle of breakfast it hit me. I broke out in a really cold sweat so I got into bed and covered up and as a result I ended up with sweat drenched blankets. My feet are still cold up to now. I think it’s time we got one of those digital sphygmomanometers just to be sure we do a correct reading.

I’d called in sick but I had to stay on the phone for several minutes to support one of our tech guys at a client’s site. And to check my email. And to chat with a client for a few minutes. And check on the web guys. I had to remind myself I was sick after a while, shut off my email and curl up with a good movie. I fell asleep well into the first half hour.

My guess is it’s just one of those asymptomatic fevers that hit you when the weather’s haywire. It’s not mesothelioma or swine flu or something like that. I may have tired myself out with the three day of dropping by the CCP complex for Aliwan Fiesta 2009. I’m drinking a lot of water and getting some rest. See y’all later 🙂

Sick leave

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