There may be a lot to be said about keeping fit vs. losing weight. They may not necessarily mean the same thing in my opinion. I have seen a lot of people who may be considered over their BMI but are still quick and agile, as opposed to bone thin young things who can hardly lift the notepads they write on.

Quite a few people I know (including myself for a few months) have resorted to dietary solutions such as Slimquick Cleanse, but while some of them swear by the results, none have actually stuck to their chosen method. Why? Because most of the solutions cost money and have strained the budget and have to be put aside, even for the plain and simple reason that other people in the family need to eat.

On the other hand, nothing beats activity, and it is activity that keeps one fit. Just by looking at my pictures 3 years ago and comparing them to recent ones, I can tell that activity is the solution I need, although these days I may not have the ideal lifestyle. Three years ago I was in the technical department and would go out on calls every week. Now that my behind is stuck to my chair in web development, I get no such activity. I have tried a few pills, and they have worked, but they are too expensive to maintain, not to mention a few unwanted side effects that have manifested themselves.

These days, slimming down may actually be more expensive than keeping fit.

Keeping fit vs. losing weight

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One thought on “Keeping fit vs. losing weight

  1. i think they are two different things. i maybe loosing weight but i do not have routine exercise. that is what is missing with my regimen now. but i have frequent long walks to the tricycle station, frequent trips up and down from my office room, and rounds around the workplace. it’s all i have as activity but i think it’s not enough.

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