Two weeks ago I wrote about my pleasant experience at the Social Security System (SSS) Branch in Pasay at the HK Sun Plaza on Macapagal Street near Blue Wave and right beside the PNB Head Office.

The two weeks that they told me to wait after having paid the tiny but forgotten balance on my last salary loan was almost up, so just before going to bed last night I checked the SSS online inquiry system and voila, indeed they had already credited my payment. In truth I checked (actually kept checking) one week after, just in case they would outdo themselves, but no. Two weeks they said it would be and two weeks it was.

A couple of days ago our HR team was at the SSS seminar for companies explaining why the online system works (or rather doesn’t work) the way it does. This was because of a misunderstanding between SSS and the development company they hired to develop the computerized system, the ID system in particular. Simply put, a change in the specifications presented by the SSS to the developer has resulted in an impasse on what should be finished and what should be paid for. If you work in a development environment, you will know what a rigid impasse this is, as elliptical as a chicken and egg case.

Anyway, I’m off to the SSS today to file my loan. As for the rumors that you should take advantage of your SSS loan benefit because someone else might use it, it’s true, but not in the way some people think. More on that after I gather several experts’ opinions.

Almost there, SSS

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2 thoughts on “Almost there, SSS

  1. Hi Rae, if you are qualified for a loan, YES you can file for one even if you don’t have an SSS ID. You will need at least 2 government ID’s (TIN, Passport, Drivers License) photocopied back to back, to be submitted along with your fully accomplished loan form and the Specimen Signature card from your company, just in case it isn’t updated on the SSS system.

    You really CAN’T get an ID from the HK Sun Plaza (at least at the time that I was there, you can’t). But you can go to SSS Head office in QC and suffer the loooong lines. It is the only SSS Office where you can get an ID as of now.

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