A couple of weeks ago I blogged about paying off the forgotten balance on an SSS loan I made years back so that I could apply for another loan. We are looking at quite a few expenses in this first quarter (the least of which is budgeting for an aluminum fence installation). Jan 30 2009 it was when I lined up at the forms processing counter at SSS Makati 2 (J.P. Rizal) which is the servicing branch for the company I work for. Though this branch is far more cramped compared to the Pasay Branch, the line at processing went smoothly, with an average of 3-5 minutes per transaction.

When it was my turn the lady at the counter checked my records on her computer and said that indeed I was already qualified for a two-month loan. However (and this is where my heart sank) our company has not renewed its signature card (SSS Form L – 501) since 2007 and was therefore expired. She told me to get a SPECIMEN SIGNATURE CARD at the other counter, have our HR sign it and bring it back with my loan form.

Since it was Friday afternoon there wasn’t much I could do except go back to the office with the Form L – 501 and give our HR the heads up. But true enough our HR had the completed form ready for me on Monday Feb 02, so I took an early lunch break and visited SSS Makati-2 again. This time my loan form and the signature card were accepted with no issues. Now it’s time for the 3-week wait, although I read a blog (click here to read Tom’s post) who reported getting his check a mere 11 working days after filing.

Hope I’m as lucky.

It’s the little things that screw up your plans

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