I doubt if stainless steel tiles would have made any difference to a house along the Marikina River late in September. People live where they are told to live, and people live where they can when there is no other practical alternative. The place where we live in, this delta between Terminals 1 and 2, used to be a small subdivision with houses that could be seen from the main road. Now the short kilometer distance between MIA Road and our house is peppered with informal settlers, a population that owes its existence to the construction of the edifices now surrounding us, the airports.

Population expands to fill up available real estate area. It does so whether it is environmentally safe or not. This age old centralization of jobs and the attitude that living in the city is the key to getting more money whether from a job or from engaging in commerce is what feeds the city.

It is also what consumes it.

Where we went wrong

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