Mid-February will find me back in Masbate again, for the continuation of the Corporate Social Responsibility project of Filminera Resources Corporation. FRC is headquartered at Puro, Aroroy Municipality, and this time the beneficiary school is the one located inside FRC’s compound, the Andres Soriano Jr. Memorial School.

December last year was when we went to four schools in as many municipalities in Masbate, to deliver three complete computer systems per school and to train the teachers in the operation of Microsoft Windows Vista, Office 2007 and all its attending features. Next month’s trip would be more of the same for ASJMS, plus one round through the previous schools to add one more computer system each.

I am hoping that during this time the technical and vocational school guide the teachers were planning to build for their students has already taken shape. It’s always good to see the product of one’s efforts.

Heading south again

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