Free Coffee!

Can still be free — if you’re lucky. My co-worker Abi and I were at a Starbucks outlet at the Powerplant Mall a couple of weeks ago. We were there to buy coffee for our boss. Well, he didn’t send out two people to get his coffee, Abi and I had lunch at the Powerplant as was our routine and our boss had (nicely) asked if we could get his coffee on our way back.

Anyway, Abi was at the bar ordering the coffee when a nice young lady approached me asking if I wouldn’t mind answering a very short survey. It was short, really, a half sheet of bond paper with no more than 6 questions on it. I happily obliged, because she said if I did so she would give me a certificate such as you see in the picture above. 

Free coffee. Any size, any flavor, at any Starbucks outlet.

Heaven diba.

So on the first day of work after the loooong holiday, Abi and I availed ourselves of our free coffee, in the same Starbucks outlet where we received the certificates. We ordered two Venti java chip frappucinos. 

No I didn’t get to take a picture of those. By the time I remembered to, I was halfway through mine. 

It was a very hot day.

Thanks, Starbucks 🙂

The best things in life

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