has changed a lot since I first tried it out more than a year ago. From a simple pastel blue portal-like interface it has grown a little more sophisticated in look, with its bolder blue gradient, and as well as content.

Blogs, Photos, Videos, Podcasts, Polls, Surveys, News, Forums and Groups remain the core of’s offerings, and the best thing is it is still 100% free. Unlike other all-in-one social networking sites, Thoughts focuses on user interaction through blogs and forums and file sharing, rather than opportunities for advertising and profit. As a rule, money-making activities such as affiliate marketing and the promotion of external blogs and sites are not allowed.

In fact, Thoughts even supports and recommends a few charities for its users to support, such as Heal the Ocean, the National Alliance to End Homelessness and Amnesty International.

But if you think Thoughts is starting to sound like a fuddy-duddy dull site, think again. Once you’ve signed up you can jazz up your pages as often as you want with the various themes and widgets available through a simple click through interface.

Thoughts has the lowest allowable member age that I know of. Minimum age that you need to be to become a member is fourteen. At first I thought that was rather young, but on the other hand, since Thoughts is ad- and promotion-free there’s less likelihood of a teener running through suggestive advertisements and promotions.

The evolution of Thoughts

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