It’s January again, and apart from the new year it’s also when the installation of officers at Sam’s masonic lodge takes place. This means another stressful trip to places far and wide for a suit that will fit — not an easy task for the way his body is built. I have never had to dress anyone for an occassion like this, not since Sam became a Freemason, that is. Till then it’s always been sports shirts and curduroys, but men’s suits are a totally different species.

Sam during last year's installation of officersGoing into a department store and getting one off the rack is out of the question; not only is it expensive to do so, the quality of the available material also leaves much to be desired. No doubt we have to look at measurements for men who fall under the Special Sizes category. There’s Tall Sizes and Shorter than 5’8″ and there’s Big Men.

When I was younger I thought that suits all fell under the term “Amerikana”, which is what my father and uncles called a suit. I didn’t realize there were suits, and blazers and sports jackets and whether or not the pants should match also mattered. What looks good to me and to other people who like me don’t know any better may not be the correct suit. As it is what Sam needs is a black suit (with matching pants), light color shirt and a red necktie. Sounds easy enough, until you try to find one that will fit Sam’s physique which is a tailor’s nightmare.

So why don’t we have one made? A good suit at Arthur’s will cost at least 6,000 (jacket only) and so a set can easily dent our budget by 8 – 10 thousand pesos. NO.

The other alternative is to go up to Baguio and forage through the ukay shops. The fare for both of us and what the suit itself will cost will be cheaper than having one made, or buying one off the rack at a Manila department store.

Whatever we decide, we have three weeks to do it. Wish us luck.

The quest for a good suit

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4 thoughts on “The quest for a good suit

  1. bongga ang suit! expensive ang mga suit lalo na kung sa mga may tatak ng store.. weew.. men really have difficulty in choosing a suit.. 🙂

  2. Back in the 1970s, there were still quite a number of tailors who knew how to make suits since they lived through a time when a number of Filipinos wore suits as part of their regular office attire. Not so anymore with the widespread use of the barong. The two tailors my father and I used to go to to have our suits made have long since retired. How I wish they were still in business for I would have definitely recommended them to you.

    If you get one off the rack, which is what I do these days here in the US, how much would it set you back? Good luck with the search. I hope you find a good fit for Sam.

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  3. @ jeniffer – kung pasadya sa may pangalan na tailor (kagaya ng Arthur’s, halimbawa) minimum 6K ang gastos sa jacket pa lang.

    @ panaderos – kung sa SM department store it would be between 2-4K for a suit pero mukha ka namang parking attendant. Besides nothing off the rack will fit Sam, which is actually our bigger problem.

  4. Hahahaha sis now ko lang ito nabasa…. get me Bro. Cris measurement, pasukay siya sa tailoring if ever…my father will be arriving soon on April, maybe I could squeeze a hand-me-down but very good coat for Bro. Cris…kaya pala nagbarong na lang yun sa install…

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