When you get to be my age things tend to go haywire. Especially my weight. There are times when a little food makes me put on pounds just by looking at them. Then again there are times when I eat about five times a day and not feel the tightness when I button my pants. And I’m not even taking diet supplements as of yet.

Then again, my dad once said that once he hit 60, his diet changed. He didn’t seem to need as much food per meal as he used to, and he had radically cut down on his meat intake. I wish I had as much discipline. And I really need to look into packing lunch from home as well. Not only it will be cheaper in the long run for me, I would also be able to avoid all the salty fastfood I’ve been chucking down my throat at lunchtime every working day.

The trials and travails of a weight watch-me-not

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One thought on “The trials and travails of a weight watch-me-not

  1. One friend said that her ideal weight is 100lbs + her age. And as she ages, she need only gain a pound a year.

    In my case, my ideal weight should only be 100lbs + my daughter’s age… she’s only12 now. 😉

    Women’s unending battle with the bulges 😥

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