Most of the jackets I’ve been seeing at the thrift shops (a.k.a. Ukay) are either cold weather ones with inline fleece or just plain windbreakers. I’ve been looking for a lightweight rain coat that is not made of plastic like a kid’s raincoat, but one made of impermeable fabric. I know there are good ones being sold at Columbia and I’ve seen them being worn by the newscasters at ABS-CBN, but when I looked at the prices I realized they cost way too much for my budget.

I had been seeing motorcycle covers every now and then, in fact my co-worker Roque has one protecting his bike from the weather. He maintains it’s impermeable, and it seemed like it was made of PVC coated nylon. A windbreaker-type raincoat made out of that material would be great for the sudden rains. Lightweight and easy to fold it would be ideal for someone like me who lives out of a backpack.

The ultimate rain gear

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