The first three months of the calendar year are also the last three months of the school year. It’s when most of the scholastic competitions are held. Last year this proud mom wrote about Kuya Maui’s medal harvest at the PSAP Academic Competitions. And I’m going to do so again this year!

Kuya's trophy This is from the General Information Quiz Bowl held recently at the Olivarez College, where Maui won first place after several rounds of eliminations. In truth one could say Maui was a late bloomer in the general information arena—his teachers always entered him in the Math and Science categories with far less joyous results. But a couple of years ago he correctly answered every question asked as he sat in the audience with his teachers watching his classmates getting clobbered in the same competition. The year after that they let him join general info and then they were happy. Congratulations, Kuya Maui!

And he does it again!

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2 thoughts on “And he does it again!

  1. First round – Wiped the floor and tied with seven correct answers out of seven questions. Out of six competitors, bottom two were eliminated.

    Second round – Four points out of six…me and two others. Several tiebreakers kicked out the third year, poor bugger.

    Final round – Let me put it like this: 3-2 after penalties, if you’re into football. Both of us got one point of of six questions, then I managed to get two more points with the tiebreaker.

    Feh. Good practice for next month.

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