As with a few mom’s that I know I am often more excited for my kids than they are themselves, whenever good luck comes to them. And yes, definitely I am thrilled about Maui getting into U.P. Baguio that I’ve looked at the lay of the land in wikimapia, looked at the UP Baguio Website, and practically read all the pages in Sayote Republic.

I know I know it’s still February. Never too early to start preparing, right? What I do know is that the best place to assemble a student’s wardrobe is at the fabulous Ukay shops in Baguio itself, so no need for us to buy luggage to haul his stuff in from here to there. I’ve alerted my “advance party” up in Baguio for possible places for Maui to stay, preferably walking distance from the school. I’ve been told that Engineer’s Hill and Cabinet Hill are good places.

To anyone from the City of Pines who may see this post, if you know of any place where my son can stay and be safe, do let me know.

Really excited about Baguio

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4 thoughts on “Really excited about Baguio

  1. Hi Bambit! Just wanted to echo the fact na Engineer’s Hill is a great place to live for your son when he starts at UPB. I lived in that area during my time at UPB (actually, UPCB pa lang when I was there). If you need any more help, just leave us a message on Sayote Republic, I’m sure my fellow alumni will be happy to help.

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  2. Hi Tin! ha ha all’s well indeed, to think na ilan rin yata ang na high blood when they read my post about the registrar’s office at you know where … I am glad that Maui hurdled this and I am even more glad that I lived through it! Mas worried pa ako kesa sa anak ko, tsk tsk tsk.

  3. Hello Charl, Sayote Republic is a beautiful website, and I am so glad that you and your fellow alumni put it up. Yan ang magiging first reference ko for anything about UP Bagiuo and how my son can be happy and productive there.

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