Estimated number of students who took the UPCAT in August 2008:  62,000
Estimated number of students who passed the exam based on UPCAT Results Online: 12,130
Percentage of Students who passed 19.56%
Number of Pending Cases on list as at 20 January 2009 1,429
Percentage of Pending Cases on list as at 20 January 2009 11.78%

UPCAT Pending Case

Almost, but not quite

Our Kuya Maui (Cortes, Xavier Lourenco Kapauan) is one of the 1,429 with Pending Case status. We won’t know exactly why until February 2, which is when the UP Admissions Office will start entertaining calls regarding pending cases. Our Google rounds have told us that a pending case can mean anything from discrepancies found in the documents to the need for other supporting papers that are required by the university, but we really won’t know exactly what until Feb. 2. Two weeks is a rather long time to hold one’s breath.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

Note: On the UP Baguio site, I found this entry—

:: What if you appear in the pending case list?

If you don’t find your name in the list of qualifiers, check the list of Pending Cases. This is the list of applicants who failed to submit all the required documents/credentials when they filed their application to take the UPCAT. The UPCAT results of these applicants cannot be released until the required documents/credentials are completed and processed. If you find your name on this list, you should immediately contact the Office of Admissions to find out what document/s or other credential/s you need to submit so that your UPCAT results can be released.

It is important to note that inclusion in the list of Pending Cases does not guarantee admission to the University.

I’m turning blue.

Update: January 24

According to Shane Hermogenes, one does not need to wait until February 2 to make inquiries at the UP Admissions office regarding Pending Cases. In her post dated January 19 2009, Shane relates:

This morning, my parents went back there and inquired about my status. They said they need a photocopy of my grade school diploma and a medical certificate. My heartbeat is a little normal now… I need to submit them because I stopped studying for less than a year due to my brain surgery. I thought my pending case was about my erasure (a FREAKING erasure) in my application form. Oh, well.

That’s it. I can’t be absent on Monday (in our office you can only be absent on Monday if you died just before 8 a.m.) so Sam and I are heading out there on Tuesday to ask about Kuya Maui’s pending case status.

UPCAT 2009 Results – **Edited**

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4 thoughts on “UPCAT 2009 Results – **Edited**

  1. Question!

    saan po ba binigibay ang requirements sa pending cases??

    sa office of admissions? or sa office of the registrar??

  2. Hello Al,

    sa pagkakaalam ko sa admissions office ang punta kung magsa-submit ka na ng requirements mo sa pending case. Yun yung office na kung saan ka rin nagsubmit ng application mo to take the exam.

    Good luck!

  3. Hi Linda,

    I will answer your second question first.

    I called UP this morning to ask what the next step was for Qualifiers, and I was told to wait for the instructions in the mail, around first or second week of March. If you applied for the exam on your own, the Qualifier’s info will be mailed to your house. If you had your current school’s help in applying for the exams, the Qualifiers info will be sent to your school.

    If you look at the fourth panel below the UPCAT results page (you see this after you’ve searched for a name and got results) you will see an entry with the heading GUIDELINES FOR TRANSFER FROM OTHER UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES

    That will answer you first question.

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