I had no idea how much a lack of internet access would do to my life outside of work. I’m currently housed in an area where there is no internet, and even the WeRoam card I have can hardly get a signal above 1 bar. As a result I have not been able to keep up with my emails, both the work and the personal ones, and I haven’t been able to update my blog as much as I wanted to, with all the events at the new places I’ve been to in the past two weeks.

I’ve been to three new schools here in Masbate for this tour. One is within the vast compound of the company that is our client at work. The other two are in Masbate City and Palanas respectively. Masbate City is roughly two hours drive away, and Palanas around four.

I was expecting that schools in Masbate City would be quite up to date with computers and the internet, but apparently it isn’t. I have also found out that some schools have acquired the services of computer providers who lease computer sets along with an instructor, to schools who do not have both. These computer providers do not have insurance online to make sure the computers they lease out stay in good working condition, so they send “instructors” along with the lease.

The thing is, these “instructors” aren’t really instructors, they are guys who are probably ComSci graduates or Computer Technicians who know a thing or two about Windows and the internal parts of a computer, but have had absolutely no experience or training as instructors. In my opinion these companies are taking advantage of the schools’ need to have computer facilities as mandated by the Department of Education.

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