In this era of manufactured homes, there seems to be little worth in old historical buildings, at least for the Philippine Government. I am seeing old landmarks being torn down to make way for progress as in malls and parking spaces for them. The old Sky Room on Taft avenue was torn down to make way for — nothing.

Intendencia on Intramuros

This is the Intendencia. It stands just outside the wallls of Intramuros in Manila. Wars, earthquakes and fires have caused this building to be finally abandoned, although traces of restoration can be seen within the wrought iron bars.

Inside the IntendenciaThis is one of the buildings within Metro Manila whose fate seems to be to die forgotten and in decay. The same fate seems to await the Metropolitan Theater on Plaza Lawton. The facade of the old PNR station facing Plaza Dilao in Paco, the old GSIS and Veterans Buildings are soon to disappear, because they are old and perhaps should give way to newer, bigger, more modern buildings.

The developers of the old Luneta Theater on TM Kalaw however, seems to be retaining the old facade and are building a new edifice inside it. This is more to my liking, if the building itself can no longer be saved because of age.

If this can be done to the Luneta Theater I don’t see any reason why it can’t be done to other historical buildings in the city.

Newer is not always better.

Walking the walls (part one)

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3 thoughts on “Walking the walls (part one)

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  2. It’s so frustrating how time and time again, our government does not seem to appreciate the worth of these monuments, as history lies within them, that for each one torn to the ground, a part of our heritage and self-identity becomes lost and irretrievable.

    When would we all ever learn?

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